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Creative Upcycling

Creative upcycling is a great way to bring new life to things that have become un-useful in their present condition. I take joy in showing people how to repurpose items in an ecologically friendly and creative to both beautify and help the environment. Read more

Crafts & Projects

Fiber arts encompass my biggest passion within the arts and crafts realm. From weaving and spinning to felting, I love to experience multiple textures. I often close my eyes to fully rely upon my tactile sense and the smiles and comforts it provides through fiber. Read more

Consulting Services

I love helping people. Ultimately in all I do, that is the focus. By investing in people's education about ecological design now, we are helping future generations. From teaching others to advising and consulting, I show my clients fun ways to enjoy their passions as well. Read more

For The Green In You

It is important to me to be as natural as possible and do all in my power to minimize our carbon foot print. The garden has also become a canvas of sorts to me. It is the foundation of our diet as well as many of the pressed oils, scents, soaps, and lotions I make and sell. Read more

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand. ― Woodrow Wilson

How do you know you're at the right site?

  • Do fiber arts make you smile?
  • Does adding your creative imprint to a multiplicity of projects sound like fun?
  • Does playing in the dirt and having a beautiful garden excite you?
  • Do you take interest in the environment, earth, recycling, and the future?
  • Have you ever thought of creating an awesomely unique and amazing gift for someone?
  • YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT SITE! Let's grow together!

Check Out What's Going On In My Neck Of The Woods

  • Individualized School Binders Individualized School Binders
    So I got the list of supplies needed for the upcoming school year for my child.  She decided that she wants all her things individualized and/or labeled.  Her school requires that all...
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  • Fabric Softener on the cheap Fabric Softener on the cheap
    If I teach you to make laundry, it would logically follow that I should show you how to make fabric softener as well. The basic recipe is as follows: 3 Cups Boiling...
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  • CHEAP CLEANING SUDS (liquid laundry soap) CHEAP CLEANING SUDS (liquid laundry soap)
    Making our own laundry soap allows me to save lots of money and change the scent as desired.  This particular recipe doesn’t aggravate my family’s sensitive skin.  Below you will find the...
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My Vision

Teaching has always been my passion. Both in the traditional classroom as well as privately, I am able to reach people of various ages in my garden, home, and via classes and social media. It is my vision to positively impact the world by creating peace in the minds of the people I reach, while we beautify the world around us.

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